Please review the itinerary of the ZOOM meeting you will have with our team.

In our Zoom meeting together we will:


1. Understand your purpose for funding.

2. Review your Experian credit file with you.

3. Give you a comprehensive funding analysis based on creditworthiness. 

4. Discuss a timeline for approvals.

5. Answer any questions you may have.

6. Sign agreements and move forward if we are a good fit for each-other.

IMPORTANT: Please note that we will not be viewing ANY personal information until the agreement is signed. 

Friendly reminder that our underwriter that you have a call booked with is going to be calling you in 15-20 minutes to confirm your appointment and ensure that you are informed and prepared for the underwriting call.


Eyad Abbas



Liquid -  30-250k secured in less than 30 days.

Access - May draw up to 100% at any moment.

Perks - Status, 2-10% cash back, free flights, upgraded hotels.

Unsecured - Approvals based almost entirely on credit-worthiness.

Builds Credit - Improves relationships with banks for future lend-ability.

Few Restrictions - Little personal and business documentation is required.

Non-Dilutive - Retain full control over your own enterprise without giving equity away.

Flexible Repayment - Monthly minimum payment equals 1% of outstanding balance and interest is only incurred on funds used.

0% Interest - Introductory interest rates for 12-18 months. Using our strategies you have the ability extend this period out 2-3 years.

OPM - Using Other People’s Money provides large-to-infinite returns and creates an incredible velocity of money. Credit is one of the quickest and most accessible ways to do this.


  • 720+ credit score (750+ is ideal)
  • < 7% utilization - your cards should not be maxed out
  • > 3-4 established credit cards
  • No derogatory marks - inquiries permissible
  • 5k limit on at least one card
  • No newly acquired credit within past 6 months - ideally over 12 months
  • Tax returns and or pay stubs - $70k+ annually


Our Approach

Having analyzed thousands of credit files and helped hundreds improve their scores our firm has developed a unique understanding of what banks seek out in applicants. This combined with our careful attention to their underwriting guidelines is the reason why we've been able to bring them qualified, responsible customers.

Relationship Banking | Future Lend-ability

Our model is performance-based, meaning we are incentivized to continually identify and meet the capital requirements of our clients. This is approach is not shared by many of our competitors who take a “fund and done” sort of approach. Instead, we scale with you. Banks and lending institutions look very favorably on those who make money with their money and return it. So securing high limits in the first round then successfully cash flowing that leverage into your business means banks are more likely to extend additional credit to you when we do additional rounds. What results is a business owner optimally positioned for any business cycle wether they are harboring short-winds in cashflow or capitalizing on rare opportunities.

FICO Score Optimization

Although the Fair Credit Reporting Act outlined the right for Americans to have accurate credit reports, credit reporting agencies require you to navigate complicated online systems. We work with partner companies that teach you how to challenge questionable items on your report:

Hard Inquiries, Late Payments, Charge Offs, Collections, Repossessions, Bankruptcy, Tax Liens

Access to Exclusive Investments

In addition to their own businesses, our clients leverage our existing partnerships with profitable eCommerce operations. Returns range from 15 - 35% and are entirely passive. We never recommend companies we that we are not personally invested in.


When we work with a new client our goal is to build a long-term relationship that goes beyond merely funding for one's business. Utilizing our understanding of credit and the financial sector as a whole we're able to provide custom-tailored solutions to each client. Whether they are looking to purchase a new home or purchase a new Mercedes like Julian and Michelle our clients gain access to our ecosystem of investors, underwriters, and successful business owners that they can leverage to achieve their goals. Seeing our clients win is of the most meaningful experiences we have as business owners. To know that we've made an impact on someone's life, however small, provides all the motivation we need to continue growing the company and sharing our services with more people.


1. Book A ZOOM Meeting
2. We Analyze Your Credit File With You


3. Sign Agreements

4. We Begin Capital Raising